Adelante Mujer



Our healthy and sustainable catering service has the aim of

a) Creating an environment for the women to:

– Practise the leadership skills they learn in our program and classes.

How to organise finances, write things down, arrive on time and plan ahead: these are all things that Sumak Kausay addresses. By working in our catering service, the women APPLY these tools on a regular basis. We believe in the ‘learning by doing’ approach!

– Create friendship with the other women through a sense of teamwork.

In our catering services, we often need 2 or 3 women to be working at a time. We have seen that it is in these contexts, where teamwork is essential, that a different type of bonding takes place. In our emotional recovery programme, the women definitely get closer as they open up to each other. However it is in the kitchen where real friendships thrive.

– Earn a wage that helps them to sustain themselves while they are getting on their feet.

Many of the women arrive at Adelante Mujer with no stable source of income. Working in our catering service helps them to sustain themselves whilst they are looking for more stable jobs, or are preparing to start businesses of their own.

b) Positioning ‘Adelante Mujer’ as a brand

– It is important that our community know who we are and what we do, so that women who need us can find us. Our catering service allows our name to be more visible, and hence the work we do, to be better known. Many of the women arrived at our doors through acquaintances who heard about us because of our catering service!